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Kashaya is a special tea from India that nourishes the body and mind. It’s a tasty blend of 7 traditional Indian spices, similar to Chai, but filled with healing properties. Unlike coffee and black tea which are stimulating, Kashaya supports balance in our system. It strengthens the digestive fire, vocal cords, and the heart while warding off the common cold.

“Kashaya has become a part of my morning ritual. It is delicious, deeply nourishing and supports me in feeling grounded and balanced – a satisfying way to begin my day.”
Devon Evans, Yoga Studio Director

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A portion of proceeds help fund Sadvidya Foundation, an organization founded by Dr. Shankaranarayana Jois to educate and preserve the valuable Ancient Indian Arts and Sciences.


Organic Ingredients & Their Health Benefits


*Reduces inflammation
*Reduces phlegm and mucus
*Relieves pain from arthritis
*Reduces anxiety by binding to serotonin


* Anti-Inflammatory
* Powerful anti-oxidant
* Digestive aid- stimulates bile production
* Prevents atherosclerosis


*Contains anti-cancer properties
*Improves blood circulation
*Controls cholesterol


*Improves digestive enzymes
*Reduces nausea
*Reduces blood pressure
*Decreases cholesterol


*Aids in digestion
*Enhances immunity
*Invokes good sleep
*Contains anti-cancer properties

Black Peppercorn:

*Aids in digestion
*Anti-inflamatory properties
*Decreases intestinal gas
*Fights colds, cough and sinusitis


*Decreases Cholesterol
*Regulates blood sugar
*Reduces constipation
*Decreases risk of colon cancer

Our Kashaya

Making Kashaya:

Boil 4 oz of water, 1 tsp Kashaya and 1 tsp sweetener. Add 4 oz milk or milk substitute and heat until just under a boil. Strain, if desired, and serve.

Kashaya Ingredients:

Our Kashaya is made from 100% organic spices procured from Banyan Botanical and Pacific Botanicals, two local companies that support sustainable farming practices and engage in environmental stewardship projects.

Our Kashaya spices are hand processed in small batches just prior to packaging. This ensures the quality of its freshness, flavor and nourishing benefits.


Our Kashaya is available for purchases in

3.5oz (100 g) pouches ~ 35 cups

1lb.  (500g) bulk packaging ~ 175 servings

You may order online or purchase directly from us in Ashland, OR.
Please contact us for wholesale pricing of 12 pouch cases and bulk orders.

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Shop Locally in Ashland, OR

75 N. Main St.
Ashland, OR

Direct from us

Yoga Shala

95 Scenic Dr.
Ashland, OR

Open 7 days a week, morning to evening

How Laura Found Kashaya

As a Registered Dietitian, Laura has spent the last 30 years dedicated to understanding health and wellness from various perspectives. It was not until she began studying the Ayurvedic and Yogic Sciences through Dr. Shankaranarayana Jois, and his long time student Kristin Laak, that she realized true, total health. The whole system approach of these Ancient Scientific Principles made perfect sense with it’s simple, natural and time tested methods. Implementing these principles even improved a long standing digestive imbalance that other modalities were unable to correct.  Regular intake of Kashaya was part of this routine and the obvious benefit inspired her to share it with others. It is with deep gratitude and dedication to her teachers that Laura offers this traditional spice beverage to the Western consumer. Laura is available for nutrition and wellness consultation, please contact us for details.


Dedicated to Preserving the
Ancient Indian Sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga
Laura Roll M.S., R.D.
541 301-3453

“I really love Laura’s Kashaya. It smells, tastes delicious and feels very beneficial.  It’s a unique tea treat.”

Miranda Briggs-Graumann, Spawork Organic Skin Care

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